Ontwikkel jezelf als agile leider en vind de cultuur van jouw organisatie opnieuw uit, met concrete handvatten, praktijkvoorbeelden en stappenplannen. Bestel Agile Leadership Toolkit van Peter Koning.

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I consider this book the most useful, concrete and straightforward reading I've ever read about Agile leadership (and lot of them have been written!). Empiricism and delivery of high value to the readers are embodied in the book itself, through a set of "tools" ready to be implemented out-of-the-box. In my opinion, a must-have for agilists.

Practical, easy to read and excellent ideas for implement in agile teams! I loved this book.

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Als agile leader wil je dat het team groeit en sneller reageert op veranderingen in de markt. Agile Leadership Toolkit geeft je hiervoor praktische tools, concrete handvatten en stappenplannen. En biedt inspiratie met praktijkvoorbeelden en interviews. Zo ontdek je:

  • Hoe je op een effectieve én energieke manier grip houdt op je team.
  • Hoe je team zo het verschil maakt, met als resultaat: meer klantimpact.
  • Welke overzichten, rapportages, meetings en metrics hierbij helpen.
  • Wanneer je moet loslaten en wanneer je moet ingrijpen.
  • Wat de juiste vorm van zelforganisatie is voor jouw team.

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The toolkit

The steering wheel of the agile leader consists of four components. Each component consists of two practical tools. So in total eight tools. The tools are explained in such a way that leaders can immediately start working on this. The tools can be used separately and as such successful. Of course, all tools together – the toolkit – reinforce each other. It concerns the following eight tools:
  1. KVI – the Key Value Indicator (KVI) is the most important indicator for value creation for the team.
  2. Impact ladder – for brainstorming and visualizing the customer impact. This helps teams continuously improve their products and services.
  3. Ownership model – visualizes what teams need to take ownership.
  4. Freedom matrix – what freedoms and responsibilities does the team have at what time.
  5. T2L – to measure the business agility.
  6. Validated Learning Board (VLB) – to visually keep track of the learning process of the team.
  7. Habit matrix – to support culture change and the design of new habits.
  8. TO-GRIP – to support the agile leader in implementing major improvements.
Agile Leadership Steering Wheel Tools