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Image that your teams thrive! They take ownership, not only of the customer value but also on continuous improvement and team dynamics. The became pro-active, proud, engaged and are working closely together with other teams. That's what you get with our ownership program.

Is this your situation?

Do you recognize one of the following?
  • Your people score low on the employee engagement
  • They complain more or are not pro-active in solving the issues themselves.
  • They are more likely to wait for instructions and details then find answers.
  • Probably you, as a leader, also don't really know what you should do next.

Is this what you want?

It would be great if:
  • The team would have an improvement backlog,
  • They are pro-active and come with their own initiatives,
  • They use tangible metrcis and data to assess their maturity
  • Make mistakes, but learn from them
  • Celebrate successes
  • Resulting in better business results

What is the Ownership Improvement Program

The Ownership Improvement Program is a structured approach to improve the maturity and effectiveness of your teams. Unlike vague workshops or unstructured coaches, this program consists of proven and hands-on tools, workshops and models that will bring immediately results. Lets improve your teams together!

What are the steps of the program?

We will tailor the below steps together to fit it even more to your situation. But the steps are probably:
  1. Leadership workshop - With the Leadership Team we'll have an online (or physical) workshop to really understand the power and essence of Ownership. After this workshop they'll know how they can lead their teams into taking more ownership and what their role is
  2. Scrum Master workshop - Our leadership experts will train the agile coaches and scrum masters. They are accountable for the effectiveness and high performance of the teams. Together we'll craft an Ownership Model with metrics, maturity steps and gamifications
  3. Ownership process - Together with the leadership team and the agile coaches, we'll align on an approach and overview of the teams. We'll not set a target on the number of teams with a certain maturity, but we'll track the progress of the teams towards making an improvement backlog, rhythm to talk about impediments and the focus of the leadership team on creating the right context for the teams to thrive.
  4. Coaching - Multiple leaders will be coached in the process of improving the ownership of their teams
  5. End report - In this report the experienced agile leadership consultants will give some final tips and advices on how to continue and how to thrive with the self-managing teams

Example case: Bank

The IT-department of a big bank from the Netherlands wanted to improve the ownership of the agile teams. They had issues with the employee engagement, but also with the collaboration with the business teams.

After having a successful leadership workshop, we worked on a tailored Ownership Model to inspire and give guidance to the teams on how to grow. The teams where really happy with the clarity

See this page for multiple examples of an Ownership Model

The employee engagement grew from a 7 to an 8. The T2L was tracked and was often from 1,5 years to 2-3 months.

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