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Leading self-managing teams and agile environments requires different skills, tools and techniques than leading traditional organizations. It's not about total autonomy nor only about trust. It's about having a clear vision on customer value and high performance teams. And using the collective brain power of all the people to create greatness

What others say

Mark Edelbroek

Peter has brought more customer value to Eneco! By changing us in an inspiring way with the new work and the change to the new work and the change to it. A culture with a lot of ownership where the work is also done with pleasure. This has resulted in demonstrably more value for the customer.

Head BTO IT-Operations - Eneco

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pasfoto sami kalliola

Sami Kalliola

God gave this man 2 ears and 1 mouth. He made use of that combo. He listens, asks really good questions and listens some more and ... the knots start to open, there is flow again ;-). A solid good mentor/coach. Good man! One can also have proper discussions about F1 with Peter!

Head of Strategic Partnerships - Multitude Group

Erik Passchier

Om veel meer klantfocus en bijbehorende agility te krijgen implementeren we een nieuwe cultuur en werkwijze. Peter Koning inspireert ons over het “waarom” en geeft praktische handvatten over het “hoe”. In zijn boek “Toolkit voor Agile Leiders” zet hij zijn concrete aanpak op overzichtelijke en toegankelijke wijze op een rij. Een must voor iedere leider van Agile teams of een Agile organisatie.

Global head of IT infrastructure - EVP, Rabobank

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