Our Customer Focus Program

Let's boost the customer satisfaction

Imagine that your teams really know what they bring to the customers. They use tangible value metrics, trendlines and usage statistics to continuously improve. That is what the Customer Focus Program will bring you.

Is this your situation?

Do you recognize one of the following? You have one or multiple agile teams. They understand the basics of Scrum or agile way of working.
  • But they are struggling with their customer and user value.
  • The Product Owner and/or Stakeholders are often more busy with handling the backlog, then really getting feedback from users and customers.
  • The team members tell or complain that they aren't inspired by the vision
  • Probably you, as a leader, also don't really know what you should do next.

Is this what you want?

It would be great if:
  • The Product Owner has an inspiring vision,
  • One or several metrics really measure the value delivered,
  • The teams study usage statistics to continuously improve,
  • The Customer Satisfaction, NPS and/or CES really improved
  • Resulting in better business results

What is the Customer Focus Program?

The Customer Focus Program is a proven approach to increase your customer value and business value. Unlike expensive assessments and advises, this program consists of hands-on tools and workshop that will bring immediate results. Let's improve your customer satisfaction!

What are the steps of the program?

Together with our leadership consultants, you will experience the following journey.

  1. Self-assessment - you and the Product Owners will do an (online) self-assessment. This will indicate where you are and how much (or not) you're already focused on the customer. This will also result in several improvement area's that you and your Product Owners have pointed out.
  2. Small-group workshops - With a small group of Product Owners we'll have an online (or physical) workshop. of ±2 hours. In this workshop they'll together work on the concept of customer value and will craft several possible customer value metrics to start tracking the value they deliver.
  3. Leadership workshop - With the Leadership Team we'll have an online (or physical) workshop to really understand the power and essence of Agile. After this workshop they'll know how they can lead their teams into more customer focus and have different improvement tasks
  4. Coaching - We'll have ±5 coaching sessions with multiple Product Owners (every 2 weeks) that will help them to really grow as a Product Owner and focus on the customer impact
  5. Self Assessment - Using the self-assessment the growth and improvements are made explicit and further development area's are crafted

Example case - Insurance Company

An insurance company with over 5,000 employees was struggling with their customer focus. Especially a department that was responsible for the generic functionality and services. Like an offer, self-service portals and broker-login pages. The department director asked Re:lead to improve the Value and Customer focus of her department.

The Product Owners had internal visions, like Harmonize the products within the new architecture. And the collaboration with the other departments (or Business Units as they were called) was low.

With several Workshops we helped the product owners to really understand how they bring value to the other BUs and through them to the customers. We implemented several value metrics (or KVIs), like:

  • Product-density - number of customers with more than one insurance product
  • Brand Consideration - because of a better self-service portal for the brokers, the brand consideration (how likely is it that the broker will ask for an offer) is increased
  • Offer conversion - due to a more intuitive offer functionality, the % of people (and the absolute number) that start and finish an offer has increased

Next, also the agile leaders where coached. They now know their role in improving the customer value. They ask (more and more) for a forecast based on value, and not any more on output. So instead of asking 'when is this delivered', they now ask 'when do you think this metric is improved by 10%?'. And Product Owners collaborate on how to improve the value metrics

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