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Do you want effective change? Do you want to increase the ownership, the engagement, the customer focus and the continuous improvement? Use one of our senior agile interim managers and accelerate your improvement!
A leader is like a gardener.
Who doesn’t grow flowers by pushing or pulling them.
But creates the right context for flowers to thrive.
Fist Bump Team Ownership

Is this your situation?

Do you recognize one of the following?
  • You have a vacancy
  • You want quicker change
  • The culture isn't agile (yet)
  • You are searching for an experienced (>15 years) agile manager
  • Your people score low on the employee engagement
  • Your Product Owners have challenges with embracing their role
  • The teams are struggling with showing the right behavior

Is this what you want?

It would be great if:
  • The teams tangible grow towards high performing teams,
  • They are pro-active and come with their own initiatives,
  • The culture matches the agile mindset, and promote learning, failure and celebrate successes
  • The agile coaches or scrum masters are high performance team builders
  • The vision and strategy is customer focused
  • Resulting in better business results

Case: Interim CEO at CapitalBox

CapitalBox is an internal organization that supports SMEs in their growth ambition. Most SMEs can't get a loan from their traditional bank. But digital banks are often more than willing to support the ambitions of entrepreneurs, with a more risky loan.

The company had years of successful growth, but the last months the employee engagement was lower and also the business results dropped.

The main shareholder asked Peter Koning to be the interim CEO of CapitalBox, while in the meantime the new CEO from Sweden would be recruited.

Together with the leadership team, we:

  • Improved the employee engagement
  • Created a culture of openness, share your concerns and ideas
  • Created clarity on roles & responsibilities, mandate and goals
  • Build the connection between an acquired company and the whole CapitalBox
  • Improved the customer focus, customer promise and customer journey
  • Handed over the responsibilities to the newly recruited Swedish CEO
  • ... many other things

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