5 quick self-assessment questions

A few days ago I gave an advanced agile leadership training at a large company in the Netherlands. The group already followed the foundation training. At the start of this training I gave the group five questions. These questions really give insight in how well they created an environment for their self-managing teams. They answered these questions in pairs of two and shared tips, frustrations and ideas. It really gave a lot of energy.

These five questions below can really help in assessing yourself or ask feedback on how you are doing as an agile leader.

  1. Which of your teams take ownership?
  2. Is it clear when the teams ‘win the match‘? And if so, is there a visible trend line on how they are doing?
  3. How fast do the teams learn from users?
  4. How healthy is the culture?
  5. Are your most-important stakeholders satisfied?

After answering these questions, ask yourself: which of these five do I want to improve? How am I going to do that the next month?

What to improve next month and how are you going to do that?

You can ask these questions yourself or ask some of your peers or team members. Feel free to post a question or share your insights.